Art and Textiles

In the Art Department at St. Georges Academy we aim to develop the technical skills of individuals and to encourage students to be confident enough to freely explore the subject fully, experiment with the different mediums and try out varied techniques and methods. Our main goal is to prepare students with the skills and knowledge to be able to achieve a pass or higher at GCSE, or in the case of very late arrivals or students struggling with school life the opportunity to use Art as a creative outlet to express themselves through either group or individual, practical projects. We now also enter students for the ASDAN short course, where students can achieve modular certificates despite being latecomers to the school or only staying with us for a short term.

Students now have the opportunity to work in our brand new Textiles room. Located adjacent to the art room, students can learn how to sew, use a sewing machine in accordance with health and safety rules of course and create various different textile items for the home or to wear! We now have the opportunity to combine Art and Textiles and create anything from a woven wall hanging to a costume covered in diamantes for Carnival!

Students are encouraged to make their own decisions about projects they want to work on, artists they want to study and mediums they want to use. This freedom (with guidance from staff) allows students to develop as artists and young people and learn how to take control of their own learning and prepare them for future study, jobs or roles. It also allows students to choose topics and mediums they enjoy which certainly helps to engage them and keep them focused!

The curriculum is designed and differentiated in order to appeal to a wide range of ability students. The room provides an ideal environment to encourage students to work independently or within a group cooperating with one another and developing trust and friendships. Students are encouraged to share ideas and opinions and learn from one another as they become budding artists!

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