Behaviour & Exclusions

Fixed term exclusion
Whilst staff at St George’s do all they can to resolve issues in school, there are times when fixed term exclusions are issued. Any fixed term exclusion is always followed by a return to school meeting with a parent or carer. The focus of these meetings is very much on ways forward and strategies for future success. A return to school form is completed at these meetings and targets may be changed on the student’s individual behaviour plan.

Placement Closure
When all other strategies have been exhausted, or in incidents of one-off very serious offences, the school retains the right to close a pupil’s placement.

Recommendation for permanent exclusion from the St George’s community will be given by the Principal following a full investigation for:

-  dealing in drugs;
-  possession of an offensive weapon;
-  persistent disruptive or violent conduct;
-  endangering others’ safety.

Evidence will be taken from the pupil so that their point of view is given.
Involvement of Parents
Parents will be involved in discipline cases as appropriate. There will be a parental interview following a fixed term exclusion.


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