St George's Academy has both an in-school and external approach to mentoring. In the academy we provide a bespoke service providing an opportunity for students to receive additional support, and an opportunity to discuss issues that may be affecting their lives or well-being.

Focused group work is also accessible within the academy to enable students to access specialised support.

Additionally, we also have close links to external specialist agencies that students can access as part of their school experience. Thus ensuring that we  offer the best support possible and hopefully enable all our students to progress and move forward in a positive manner both in their academy and life experiences. 

  • POSTED ON:28/12/2021 Chef Tee gave it a try!
  • POSTED ON:28/12/2021 Winter School is back up and running on this winter morning. We have our very own Salt Bae in the kitchen! Chef Hindes
  • POSTED ON:22/10/2021 Have a wonderful break one and all!
  • POSTED ON:01/09/2021 Its that time again! We look forward to welcoming KS4 back tomorrow and KS3 Friday. Exciting times ahead!
  • POSTED ON:19/08/2021 The last day of has been completed. What a success it has been. We had many learners attend throughout. Football, boxing music production and daily cook offs. Summer has been a blast! See you all in September
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