School Profile

I am proud to welcome you to Titan St. George’s Academy.

We are an Alternative Provision Free School, founded in 2013. Our priority is to give new direction to students who are at risk of permanent exclusion, or who have become disengaged from education. Re-engaging them back into education gives them firm foundations for their future. Students arrive at our Academies for a variety of reasons and needs.

With this in mind, we have a bespoke curriculum designed to meet the needs of the students, and we look at the ‘whole’ child rather than a one size fits all. In Year 9 students have the opportunity to take part in Community Projects, exploring their local community and the wider city and looking for opportunities to give something back.

Ofsted have carried out two successful inspections at Titan St. George’s Academy, one in May 2015 and the most recent in July 2019. 

Myself and my staff are continuing to uphold these judgements and constantly strive to improve further, to ensure the best education for our students. As a Trust we pride ourselves on our five core values which are, TEACH, INSPIRE, TRANSFORM, ACHIEVE and NURTURE.

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