The Reflection Unit

We offer a 6 week “Turn-Around” Intervention programme for pupils at risk of permanent exclusion, and to support schools’ own Pastoral Support Plans.

Working closely with the Junction Team at St George’s Academy, who will coordinate schools access to the programme, St George’s Academy will work with up to eight pupils in a class group on a bespoke “school ready” curriculum.

This will involve the students in a supportive and nurturing education environment which enables them to better cope in mainstream school. In addition to providing education, the aim of the service is to support pupils to address any emotional and behavioural difficulties which affect their development and to help them improve emotional resilience.

We are developing access to a range of behaviour support, counselling and therapeutic interventions to address these difficulties. Work will be done on interpersonal skills, self-esteem and raising aspirations, all with the aim of re-engaging students in their learning. Importantly, for the programme to be successful, we will work closely with host schools in providing feedback on our assessment, the effectiveness of our strategies in addressing the needs of each pupil, and a reflective dialogue as part of the reintegration and transition process.


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