Careers Programme

Careers Programme Year 9

  • Helping students identify their personal qualities and skills
  • Providing an insight in work life
  • Understanding further education options
  • Unleash the students enterprising skills


Careers Programme Year 10

  • Help students to understand more about themselves, find out about careers and the world of work, and help them to plan for their future.
  • All students take part in the Careers Week activities.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to explore STEAM careers
  • Encourage students to understand their rights and responsibilities at work
  • Increase student confidence in their application skills, CV writing and interview skills
  • Students understand the importance of how to manage money
  • Provide one two one sessions to all students to discuss career options.


Careers Programme Year 11

  • Career programme is to aim to help students to identify a range of post-16 pathways to make informed choices about their future; complete application forms, writing a CV and personal statement; prepare for interviews.
  • After school drop-in sessions are open to all students.
  • Students can attend lunch time Application Form workshops.
  • All students attend the employability skills; interview skills workshops and mock interviews with the range of Colleges/6th Forms and the London Enterprise Advisers
  • Encourage students to recognise the aspects of health and safety at work
  • Provide the students with the changes in job market with their environment
  • Students understand the importance of how to manage money
  • Provide students with virtual work experience options

Chosen Pathway - 2020

Number of students


43 (86%)

Sixth Form

1 (2%)


3 (6%)


3 (6%)


Usefull Links:

National career service  (

Find a apprenticeship   (

Amazing apprenticeships (


Careers Lead:  Simone Stoddard

Contact: E:  T: 0121 696 4800

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