Ethos, Aims & Values Statement

Our mission is for young people to leave their past behind and step into a positive future. We aim to provide the opportunity for a fresh start and a new beginning without labels. In partnership with parents/carers and the local community including employers, we aim to facilitate the transition to a positive future for every young person. St. George’s Academy aims to motivate and enable young people to learn, achieve and develop the skills and confidence to succeed in all aspects of their lives. We will never give up on any young person.





Every student deserves access to the best possible teaching no matter the starting point when they join our school. Holistically built around each student, our teaching and curriculum enables everyone to build the resilience they need to see the positive in everything whilst being underpinned by the academic foundations that open their next door in life. 


We inspire students to succeed. We create the environment for every students’ personal well-being and emotions to be supported and developed into well rounded, resilient young people who believe they can achieve their potential. 


Our approach is entirely student focussed. We support our young people to engage with their learning and personalise their experiences to transform their mind-set and enjoy their time in education. 


Every student is supported to achieve their potential and the best outcomes, whether they seek further education, employment or training. We take pride in celebrating every student’s achievements and create a culture that promotes self-belief, resilience, collaboration and a love of learning.


We nurture our students to believe in their personal values and abilities. We create a kind and caring environment that allows students to feel safe, supported and encouraged to do their best. We help young people learn from their mistakes, take on new challenges, value their achievements and celebrate the successes of others.

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